Odds are that many of us are currently spending a lot of time at home, and you may be wondering how to practice your French with no fellows in sight. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up a neat little list of current streaming content in French to stretch your language muscles!

GAD ELMALEH PART EN LIVE / GAD GONE WILD— French-Moroccan comedian Gad Elmaleh presents a bilingual stand-up show filmed in Montreal. His jokes touch on everything from going through American customs to what Uber looks like in Paris versus Morocco to the difficulties (and hilarity) of learning a new language. // Available on Netflix

PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE — In 18th century France, Marianne is commissioned to paint the portrait of headstrong Héloïse, who has just left the convent and is engaged. Because of Héloïse’s hesitation toward her marriage, Marianne’s true purpose is hidden and she is presented as a supposed companion. As she observes her subject and paints her in secret, the two women grow closer and closer until their intimacy is no longer ignorable. // Available on Hulu

UN PEU, BEAUCOUP, AVEUGLÉMENT / BLIND DATE — A young classical pianist moves into her first apartment on her own, and soon finds out that her next door neighbor, a puzzle inventor, wants nothing to do with humans outside, let alone the one next door. A sort of guerrilla war begins between them, slowly infiltrated by a growing curiosity about each other. // Available on Netflix

DIX POUR CENT / CALL MY AGENT — This TV series follows the lives of a group of agents who handle some of France’s foremost actors and comedians — some of whom, as a playful jab at the fourth wall, play themselves in the series (like Monica Bellucci). With “Devil Wears Prada”-level drama and surprising moments of vulerability and humanity, this series will prove difficult to press pause on. // Available on Netflix

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ON VA MANQUER / MISS OUT — Faeza and her family are preparing to receive her mother-in-law from Algeria for the annual family dinner. Her children assure her she’s worried for nothing, but once their grandmother arrives, things quickly shift to settling old debts. // Available on Amazon

Stay safe, stay inside, and bon visionnement !