We’re down to the last week before Christmas. Can you smell the Christmas tree street stand pine — and panic — in the air? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a last-minute gift guide. Here you’ll find light reads, visual stunners, & gifts perfect for a little wink-and-nudge.

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For the Naturalist: In The Mountainsthis book covers every aspect of our relationship with mountains, from how to keep up physical health at high altitude to various mountainous pilgrimages to how to bring the mountain mindset into your daily life. This is for that friend who’s always moaning that they can’t hike for another few months, or planning an elaborate trek.

For the Artist: An Italian Journeya pocket-sized collection of sketches, watercolors, and observations of the author’s time in the Italian countryside. It’s just small enough for the receiver to bring along for inspiration, if they feel moved to go out with their tools and capture their surroundings.

For the Gourmand: Grahame’s Guide to Chocolates Around the World—exactly what it sounds like, this directory of chocolatiers the world over will keep your friend with a sweet tooth well-supplied no matter where they’re traveling.

For the Witchy Friend: Astro Poets / Your Guide to the Zodiacpoets Dorothea Lasky and Alex Dimitrov have long steered the Twitter account Astro Poets, offering up lyrically vague horoscopes, advice, and quotations from famous icons of each sign. Their book gives a much deeper impression of astrology for the beginner, the characteristics of each zodiac sign, and their relationships to each other. What better way to psychoanalyze your friends than via the stars?

For the History Buff: Genius and Discovery / Five Historical Miniatures—Stefan Zweig is best known for his stark novellas, but this collection of historical miniatures brings to light his strength for painting a picture far beyond anything a textbook might. Dive into the early exploration and colonization of Central America, or the wonder of the first transatlantic cable.

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