It’s a weird year, and an extra bummer for those of us with family, friends, and travel dreams abroad. But a momentary pause to reflect, be present, and plan future travels is also a rare gift. For the traveler in your life, we’ve got a new little list of small, giftable books for the moment on our page. You can also check out more curated lists on our storefront for new releases, books for non-fiction readers, children, language learners, chefs, and many more.

And as always we offer gift cards for our language classes here. Classes are conducted via Zoom for now, until it’s safe to have groups in person again. But until then they’re a shot of fun and joy in your day! Taught by skilled teachers who are native speakers, there are now accelerated options for folks who want to double up on classes in a week and really make progress on languages. Check out all of our offerings here.

We miss seeing your day to day but hope you have a safe, restorative winter, take care of yourself for your friends and your families, and we hope to see you in 2021! Happy Future Travels!