Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you may have decided to forgo the fancy prix-fixe date this year and stay in. We’ve assembled some of our favorite foreign-language films with a romantic tilt — this way, you can settle into the mood and give your brain a bit of a language boost at the same time!



Blockbuster (2017, July Hygreck) — Jérémy has been filming snippets of his life to cheer up his terminally ill father, but it comes crashing down around his ears when his girlfriend Lola finds a particularly incriminating video. With his friends and knowledge of Lola’s obsession with superheros, Jérémy hatches a wild plan to win her back. // Netflix



In Family I Trust / Gente que viene y bah (2019, Patricia Font) — After her boyfriend very publicly cheats on her, architect Bea returns to her hometown to lick her wounds. To her surprise she finds some support, some annoyances, and possibly a love story of her own. // Netflix



Il Postino (1994, Massimo Troisi/Michael Radford) — When exiled Chilean poet Pablo Neruda moves to the Italian island of Procida, young local Mario is hired to be Neruda’s personal postman. As the two form a friendship, Neruda shows Mario how poetry can help him win over Beatrice, a local waitress he has his eye on. // iTunes


What A Man (2011, Matthias Schweighöfer) — A betrayal of a breakup, capped by his ex Carolin saying that he’s “not man enough,” causes 30-year-old Alex to go into a tailspin. Newly living with his primary-school friend Nele, he tries to compensate for his past faults, but finds himself dealing with new feelings as well. // Amazon



Once Upon A Time In Rio / Era Uma Vez… (2008, Breno Silveira) — Despite coming from diametrically opposed neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, Dé and Nina meet and fall in love. Before long, they have to reckon with Nina’s rich father’s disapproval, the growing unrest in Dé’s neighborhood, and the possibility that they are too different for their love to work. // YouTube