Valentine’s Day is only a week away, and some of us are in a dreamy mood! Here are a few books that run the gamut from sweet to bittersweet to heartbreaking. Clockwise from left…

ONCE UPON THE RIVER LOVE / Andreï Makine — when a series of Jean-Paul Belmondo comedies come to the cinema in a small Siberian town, they bring together three boys who each gravitate to love stories for different reasons—and who will remember the films long after they’ve left their small town.

BEAUTIFUL RUINS / Jess Walters — in April 1962, an American actress arrives at an Italian coastal town in total secrecy, catching the eye of the young local innkeeper. In present-day Hollywood, a film assistant stumbles on the link between her legendary director boss and the same rocky Italian town. The two stories intertwine slowly but surely, pulling both on heartstrings and the marionette strings of the modern film industry.

LOVE POEMS / Pablo Neruda — a portable collection of some of Neruda’s best-known pieces, perfect for reading aloud to your sweetheart or leaving by their bedside as a little wink and nudge.

HOW TO FIND LOVE IN A BOOKSHOP / Veronica Henry — after the death of her father, Emilia Nightingale struggles to keep open the bookshop he made into a neighborhood haunt. Over the course of the story, we meet several of the shop’s regulars, each with their own hopes and love stories.

FRENCH LOVE POEMS / edited by Tynan Kogane — a collection drawing from the best of the French classics, from Apollinaire to Rimbaud to Louise Labé. Printed in parallel text, so you can practice your French as well as work on charming the object of your affections.