If you’ve ever studied a Romance language, you probably got told early on that this language group is not so-called because it is “romantic” but because the language group derives from the language spoken by the Roman Empire. We are here to tell you…..that this is a lie!  This Valentine’s Day, admit what we all know–Romance languages are romantic!–and watch one of our selected Romance-language romance films with your Valentine.

Here’s our selection of French-language romantic films streaming now. Be sure to check out our selections for Italian and Spanish romances! And don’t forget to sign up for our new round of French classes beginning in March.


The French Way (Fausse alerte)

Jacques de Baroncelli (1945, France), Kanopy

A Romeo-and-Juliet tale filmed and set in Paris during and just after World War II, this is so much more than just a standard fun romantic comedy–although it definitely is that! The legendary Josephine Baker stars as a nightclub owner who is hired by the father of a young man to distract his son from his love for the daughter of an enemy. Of course, hijinks, fabulous nightclub acts, and true love ensue…


Five Day Lover (L’amant de cinq jours)

Philippe de Broca (1961, France), Kanopy

Jean Seberg stars in this overlooked classic as an unhappy wife who begins an affair with a wealthy, sophisticated Parisian man. Unbeknownst to her, their passionate romance is complicated not just by his marriage, but by her lover’s second affair with her best friend. An elegant comedy that also hints at some of Jean Seberg’s real-life struggles as an expatriate and wife in 1960s France.


The Hook Up Plan (Plan Coeur)

Chris Lang, Noémie Saglio (2018, France), Netflix

This one isn’t techincally a movie, but it IS a delightful rom-com in the form of a French TV show. When Elsa spends too long grieving her ex, her friends decide on a audacious plan: they’ll hire a male escort to bring her back to her old self. But, what if true love blossoms? Funny and, as always, fun to see beautiful shots of modern Paris.