If you’re stuck at home, finding ways to practice a language might seem impossible. Fortunately we have some recommendations for Spanish streaming content to keep your ears and pronunciation sharp, without leaving the house!

LA CASA DE LAS FLORES / THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS — The De La Mora family seems to have it all together, their success embodied by the flower shop they have nurtured. But when the mistress of their patriarch dies and exposes the underbelly of the family’s secrets, including a cabaret that shares the name of the flower shop, each member must reconcile old habits and their new reality. // Netflix

EL PASTOR / THE SHEPHERD — A solitary shepherd gets the opportunity of a lifetime when two developers come to ask him if he will sell his land. But when he politely refuses, he is drawn into a treacherous web between the developers, his neighbors who want to sell their surrounding lands, and his own principles. // Amazon

TESOROS — Siblings Dylan and Andrea, newly arrived in Barra de Potosi, set off with their new school friends on a journey to find Francis Drake’s long-lost treasure. The world they glimpse along the way is equal parts real Mexico and childlike dream. // Amazon

MONOS — Eight teenaged guerrillas keep watch over a hostage, Doctora, while hidden away on a mountaintop. Playing games by day and creating cultlike rituals by night, the children create their own world — until the day Doctora tries to escape. // Hulu

VIVIR DOS VECES / LIVE TWICE, LOVE ONCE — When grandfather Emilio is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it seems as though his life is over. But with the help of his smart (and smart-mouthed) granddaughter, he decides to set off to reunite with his childhood love, Margarita. He unintentionally brings the family along for the ride, and a trip full of family annoyances, hilarity, and grief ensues. // Netflix