This month, MOMA is screening all of Pedro Almodóvar's 20 films! With many screenings already sold out, this is both a big event and a great way to practice Spanish. read more
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For our French students, we recommend this lecture at the Maison de la Région Occitanie (at 5th Ave and 56th St) this Thursday, October 13, from 6-8 PM. read more
Want to practice your German in real life in New York? Our round-up of fun German events (some 100% in German, some mostly in English) around town! read more
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Romeo And Juliet,  Olivia Hussey,  Leonard Whiting
Film and Television
A round-up of Italian language & cultural events in NYC. Whether you are studying with us or not, these are all great ways to practice Italian and appreciate Italy! read more
A fascinating Spanish language podcast, a blog about Spanish culture today, and more to help you have fun while practicing Spanish online. read more
Beyond grammar and vocab, here are some sites where you can learn about culture, read the news, and look at the world differently--tous en français! read more
lives of others
Our selection of the best German language movies available online now. read more
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Our picks for the best Italian films released in the past few years, available for streaming online. read more
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One of our "favourite foreign-language bookshops"
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