Wednesdays 4:30-6:00 pm, 7/12-8/23

Register early and pay $345 for 7 weeks (reg. $460)

Our Level 3 course is for students who are familiar with the basics of Spanish grammar and are confident using the present indicative, present progressive, and preterite (simple past tense).

Students should be able to make conversation, even if they make mistakes and need to build fluency, and to follow a class that's almost entirely in Spanish.

Together, we'll focus on enhancing fluency and studying advanced grammar including:

  • use and comparison of the preterite, imperfect and past perfect tenses
  • direct and indirect object pronouns, and double object pronouns.

Each lesson also includes in-class conversation practice on topics such as comparing how things used to be to now, what you were doing when something else happened, and things you have and haven't done in your life.

This is an in-person class. Students must be fully vaccinated before their first lesson. Masks are not required.

Weekly curriculum