Wednesdays 2:00-3:30 pm, 9/4-10/16

Register early and pay $345 for 7 weeks (reg. $460)

In this fun and innovative conversation class for advanced speakers, students watch Spanish-language movies at home (mostly on Netflix) and we discuss them in class. The movies will be a mix of classic and contemporary (and different from the ones viewed in previous sessions), from different Spanish-speaking countries.

Watching original-language movies is a great way to build your understanding and speaking of colloquial Spanish. Every week, we'll talk about the plots and the cultural context, and the instructor will align this discussion with the review of grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

This class is conducted entirely in Spanish, and is intended for students who know the grammar pretty well and can speak and understand at a fairly high level, even if they make some mistakes.

Note: Students are responsible for viewing the films on their own before class. All the films are available through Netflix, Amazon or Hulu streaming. Subscribing to these online services is easy and inexpensive.