Tuesdays 12:15-1:45 pm, 9/10-10/22

Register early and pay $295 for 7 weeks (reg. $395)

This Level 2 course is for people who recently completed a beginner course and/or have knowledge of basic Spanish grammar, including the present tense for regular verbs and common irregulars such as ser, estar, ir and tener.

Students should already be able to form and understand simple sentences in Spanish.

Together, we'll focus on building conversation skills and mid-level grammar including:

  • the present progressive
  • the simple past tense
  • reflexive verbs
  • the past progressive

Each lesson also includes in-class conversation practice on topics such as your recent activities, future plans and desires, talking about what excites you, bores you and drives you crazy, and saying how something was or went and how you felt about it.

This is an online class, conducted via Zoom.
(For in-person classes, click here.)

Weekly curriculum